• Portable Ultra-Broad Spectrum Field Evidence
  • Portable Ultra-Broad Spectrum Field Evidence

Portable Ultra-Broad Spectrum Field Evidence

1. Using the world's most advanced electron multiplication noise reduction, ultra-wide spectrum high-definition EL3 imaging imaging components, the image has no distortion, high definition, and each band has a very high sensitivity
2. The system is equipped with a 35mm apochromatic ultraviolet optical objective lens, which has excellent high-definition imaging from ultraviolet to visible light to infrared. This objective lens has a macro shooting function and is capable of large-area search, footprint shooting, fingerprint characteristics and document inspection. Zoom in on details
3. 1920*1080, 30 frames/second real-time image output, uncompressed RAW format SSD solid state disk recording
4. One person operates, searches, observes, and shoots in real time at the same time. The whole process does not need to replace any parts
5. Tailor-made for criminal science scene evidence shooting, the optoelectronic integrated human nature design is the most practical and practical video recording system for crime scene investigation and evidence collection
6. Equipped with advanced image processing software, it provides an advanced platform for post-processing of physical evidence images.

On-site physical evidence inspectionThe development of 20 years has roughly gone through several stages:

1. UV multiplier tube search observation, the blind shooting stage of the ultraviolet cross-volume camera;

2. UV multiplier tube search observation, the digital camera captures the screen stage;

3. Cooled back-illuminated UV camera(main laboratory use, single frame shooting) stage;

4. Multi-band light source on-site physical evidence search, discovery and extraction, Visible light photography or brought to the laboratory analysis stage;

5. large(High power/6W, 8W) blue and green laser light source on-site physical evidence search found, Visible light shooting stage;

6. Portable Ultra-Broad Spectrum Field Evidence SearchRAW recording technology Built-in high-efficiency and lightweight laserLED, 7 groups of light sources, and20 types covering 190nm - 1100nm narrow wavelength color filter system with half bandwidth of about 7nm,

pass7-inch high-definition screen, or head-mounted1920*1080 definition high-definition OLED display device (ie will be listed), search directly, direct observation, direct imaging, Direct forensics, Simultaneous 4G wireless transmission carry out physical evidence   comparison confirmation. nearly twenty years, search, observation, forensics and other optical inspection and digital forensics work, have to be separated, The history of inefficient forensics in a single frame has come to an end.

Portable Ultra-Broad Spectrum Field Evidence SearchRAW camera system"what you see is evidence", NDT priority, NDT Test to be selected, so that my country's criminal investigation and evidence collection has entered a new era of real-time, high-definition, and efficient instant sharing.

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