• Portable biological material discovery instrument

Portable biological material discovery instrument

A variety of working methods: battery, alternating current, convenient for flexible use on various sites

British patented technology, ergonomic design, easy to use, can quickly find and extract biological samples on the spot, and do notdestroyDNA latest"Long Wave UV Light Source"and high strength"blue light source": Using high-power diode array technology, it can quickly transmitPotential blood spots, sperm spots, urine spots and other biological materials and fibrous evidencePure white light source, adjustable light intensity, high color temperature5500K, the spectral range400-700Nano, can quickly find and extract skin flakes,hairEquipped with high-quality SCHOTT"Glare"Fluorescence observation goggles and photo filters, even under the action of strong excitation lightFluorescence interference is generated, and the effect of observing and photographing biological samples is betterEquipped with red, blue and green contrast enhancement filters installed in front of pure white light, which can effectively increase the contrast of physical evidence and background, and quicklyQuickly discover physical evidence such as potential blood spots

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