• Multispectral Evidence Imaging Shooting System

Multispectral Evidence Imaging Shooting System

Product features: 24 million pixel high-definition shooting system, non-destructive extraction of fingerprints on site, integrated six groups of high-purity light sources, light, easy to operate, clear imaging, smooth, non-penetrating and mirror-like high-reflective surfaces and other objects

Product introduction: The multi-spectral material evidence imaging shooting system is an innovative device developed by using the principle of vertical directional reflection combined with multi-spectral technology. Search, discover to imaging,100%Non-contact, without chemicals, without any harm to the operator. It is another innovative product for on-site non-destructive fingerprint extraction. The multispectral evidence imaging shooting system has been presented in the world famous American forensic science conference (aasf) was successfully exhibited and was highly recognized by the governments of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Dubai.

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