One-click data acquisition of five Android brand mobile phones
Provide exclusive backup function for Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, VIVO, OPPO series mobile phones (it has been upgraded to support Samsung Android 9.0, VIVO, OPPO mobile phones are compatible with Android 10.0 system);
After the target mobile phone is connected to the forensic computer, one-click access to all application data in the mobile phone
The acquisition content is comprehensive, and supports the acquisition of target mobile phone built-in application data, third-party application data acquisition and partial application data acquisition;
Supports data recovery of deleted text messages, contacts, call records, camera pictures, WeChat, etc.;
Intelligent removal of evidence traces, supports automatic removal of backup traces and restores the mobile phone environment, and supports automatic APK uninstallation.

Nowadays, mobile phone forensics has become one of the important contents of scouts' business work. In order to meet the multiple practical needs of front-line case handling, Nanjing Tuo  The world has developed the "Tuojie Mobile Phone Forensics System" (abbreviation: Rattlesnake).),The system is the first mobile phone forensics product in China that focuses on on-site reconnaissance.   The product itself focuses on mobile phone data acquisition technology innovation, integrating a variety of (exclusive/The first) actual forensics function, with backup retrieval, file retrieval, cloud It can meet various needs in the process of on-site mobile phone forensics (acquisition, recovery, analysis and viewing, abnormalAPP detection and analysis functional module).

M6000 online speed forensics is to connect the target device (Android/iOS) to the "forensics computer" through a data cable, and then operate the The "Ringtail" mobile phone forensics system in "Forensics Computer" realizes data acquisition/analysis/recovery of the target device.

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