• Equipped with various industry-leading read-only locks and data write-protection controllers, providing a wealth of read-only ports, including (optional): /SAS3.0/PCI-E/M.2/SATA3.0/USB3.1 /USB3.0/IDE/All-in-one flash memory card (CF, SD, TF, XD, MS, etc.), etc.
•Supports up to 4 SAS3.0/SATA 3.0 screwless write-protected hard drive bays and 4 SAS3.0/SATA 3.0 screwless erasable hard drive bays at the same time, which can realize 4-to-4 3.5/2.5-inch disk copying and mirroring Operation.
• The end-to-end data transfer speed of a single task exceeds 40GB/MIN (SAS3.0 SSD), and supports parallel multi-threading and multi-tasking.
•Integrate 8 USB3.0 ports with high stable current, which can meet the business requirements of multi-channel mobile phone parallel forensics, and optional signal suppression module.
•Multi-screen display, equipped with auto zoom high-definition high-definition camera and shooting stage.
• The operations and display areas of pre-operations such as media pre-check, collection, and verification are separated from the operation and display areas of deep operations such as data recovery and analysis, and do not interfere with each other.

"Pterosaurs"Integrated forensics system》 is a special high-performance dedicated integrated large-scale workstation designed and developed for electronic evidence data collection, electronic evidence data replication and analysis. The system adopts an integrated multi-functional design and is equipped with a high-performance electronic evidence data acquisition unit, electronic evidence data analysis and calculation unit, and electronic evidence data large-capacity and high-speed shared storage unit, which can realize seamless connection with the next-generation distributed forensics system. .

The product is designed and developed based on a modular architecture, and each unit has excellent high availability and manageability, which is very conducive to maintenance and upgrades. Integrate professional industry application business processes,And provide a friendly and easy-to-use human-computer interaction mode to provide a guarantee for the improvement of our work efficiency and quality.

The product architecture is like a small forensic laboratory with complete functions, which is suitable for forensic analysis of physical evidence in almost all fields. It provides a wide range of applications that cannot be achieved by traditional forensic products, and also leads the industry in all aspects. ofUSB3.1 read-only port, PCI-E read-only interface.

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