• Criminal Science and Technology Appraisal Management Platform
  • Criminal Science and Technology Appraisal Management Platform
  • Criminal Science and Technology Appraisal Management Platform

Criminal Science and Technology Appraisal Management Platform

The main innovation of this product is to standardize the procedures for entrustment applications and forensic identification initiated by the police station. The platform is simple to operate and provides full-process, one-stop, personalized services, reducing the difficulty and workload of organization and supervision, and ensuring business The process operation is efficient and fast, and the results are accurately grasped.
The main features of this product are:
1. Solve the problem of time limit and issue a power of attorney within 24 hours; remind the case that has not been submitted for inspection at any time, and remind the case-handling unit separately on the 20th that it has not been submitted for inspection; after one-click completion of the file, remind the case-handling unit that the identification can be obtained; remind the time limit for forensic identification.
2. Smart appointments can reasonably arrange police force and save time.
3. If there are traces of the work, the receipt can be printed after the power of attorney is issued; if the identification conditions are not met, a supplementary material list will be issued for the case-handling unit; the process of entrusting, revoking, accepting, and receiving a case can be inquired at any time.
4. The operation is simple, the operation interface of the case-handling unit has a storage function, and the relevant information can be clicked to operate; the forensic case file can be turned into a file with one click

     At present, the criminal science and technology appraisal has problems such as complicated operation of appraisal results, unstandardized appraisal process, inability to accurately judge appraisal time, and difficulty in storing and transmitting appraisal results. How to effectively solve these problems is a difficult problem that our criminal technicians need to solve.

     Through a large number of field investigations, we have designed and developed an intelligent management platform that can effectively improve the efficiency of identification and the efficiency of public security investigations. It is mainly developed at the end of forensic identification and police stations. The main measures taken are as follows:

     The police station provides intelligent appointment, appointment entrustment, appointment reminder, information research and judgment, data analysis, and resource integration functions. You can view the time of forensic appraisal and make intelligent appointment entrustment. There will be relevant reminders for entrusted appraisals. For the results issued by the forensic doctor, you can Comprehensive analysis, correct judgment of information, automatic data generation, save time, improve efficiency, and facilitate case handling units; through the simple operation of the platform, provide full-process, one-stop, personalized services, reduce the difficulty of organization and supervision and work To ensure efficient and fast operation of business processes and accurate results.

    The top of the forensic identification provides one-click acceptance and one-click roll-up functions. It accepts entrusted applications initiated by the police station. After the appraisal is completed, one-click rolls can be made. The operation is simple, which effectively improves the appraisal efficiency and appraisal quality, and enhances judicial credibility. The backing support strength.

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