• Collaborative comprehensive information platform for search and explosion laboratory
  • Collaborative comprehensive information platform for search and explosion laboratory
  • Collaborative comprehensive information platform for search and explosion laboratory

Collaborative comprehensive information platform for search and explosion laboratory

The collaborative comprehensive information platform of the search and explosion laboratory will be a revolutionary innovation to traditional interrogation methods. Statistical analysis of police officers' training, assessment status, equipment in and out of storage, etc. is accurately displayed on the page for police officers to view, and talent experts can be managed and adjusted. Talent experts' information can be displayed in equipment management. Equipment, specifications, and quantities, through the case database and knowledge base to understand the case situation and the use of the equipment, the police cabinet equipment management can set the location where the equipment is stored, audit the maintenance of the equipment, check the access records of the equipment, etc. All police officers' information is statistically analyzed and displayed in the form of a table.
The system supports WEB-based use functions, which can be easily used by users; the system software can be upgraded flexibly to avoid excessive impact on the system; the system should be intuitive and easy to operate, the front desk design should conform to the operating system of the pre-qualified staff, and the background design should be done It is easy to maintain and manage, and it can be quickly checked when a fault occurs during operation. The system must have good scalability, portability and upgrade prospects, the system structure is modular, the functional modules can be smoothly expanded, and space should be reserved for possible upgrade services.

In 2008, the first domestic EOD laboratory was established in Wuhan. The country's first "Security Inspection and Explosion Reduction Laboratory" founded by Mao Jiandong was officially unveiled. Mao Jiandong said that it would be a first-class laboratory facing Central South and radiating the whole country. The laboratory includes an information collection room, a police intelligence judgment room, an explosives analysis room, and an explosives research room.

   In September 2008, the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau established the Security Inspection and Explosion Reduction Brigade, with Mao Jiandong as the captain. In order to avoid the casualties of EOD team members, Mao Jiandong proposed the establishment of a security inspection EOD laboratory, which received strong support from the provincial and municipal public security departments.

   The laboratory will focus on the research and development of modern EOD equipment, with the ability to improve, develop, and research security inspection EOD equipment and equipment, and strive to undertake one or two provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects.

    Xinjiang, Anhui, Henan, Shandong and other places have established relevant laboratories based on the specific conditions of the region and relying on the resources of the scientific research team of the province.

Through the model observation experiment, the special police and related students can comprehensively and systematically master the basic knowledge of explosives, and can identify and dispose of common explosives and explosive devices, which meets the needs of security inspection and anti-terrorism and explosion-proof talents of public security organs.

(1) Through the explosives exhibition hall, comprehensively understand the knowledge of explosives, recognize various explosives, and learn to identify and dispose of explosives;

(2) Through the explosive device exhibition hall, comprehensively understand the situation of typical explosion cases, the types of explosive devices, the principle of structural ignition and the principle of explosion;

(3) Through the teaching experience hall, comprehensively understand the setting method, setting location and danger degree of explosives, and lay a solid theoretical and practical foundation for security inspection and elimination; understand common security inspection, explosion-proof, and explosive-removal equipment, and learn how to detect explosives. Methods, can be fully competent for explosion-proof security inspection tasks, and master emergency explosion-proof disposal methods; understand the latest unmanned explosion-proof solutions, etc.; can use multimedia teaching, distance network teaching, and cultivate more explosion-proof technology experts.

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