• Scope of application: 0.2-200ml test tubes of various specifications;
•Rotation speed: 5-80rpm continuously adjustable;
•Options: a variety of test tube rack fixtures, convenient for automatic blood cell analyzers, bacterial culture instruments, etc.;
• Use time: 0-60 minutes continuously adjustable.

The Italian Miaobio biological inversion shaker is mainly used for experiments with high requirements for uniform mixing of samples and reagents, such as DNA extraction using proteinase K, Chelex-100 or phenol/chloroform, etc. It ensures that samples and reagents are fully mixed at the same time. It can also prevent the cells and tissues from being damaged by U during the mixing process. It is suitable for 02200,ml test tubes of various specifications. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, wide practical range, durability and high efficiency, which can save the time of laboratory staff. , Avoid the harm of phenol, chloroform and other harmful substances to the human body, reduce the occurrence of accidental accidents such as burns and infections, and improve the reliability of experimental results. It is suitable for various molecular biology, clinical testing and other laboratories. •Control mode: timing, continuous rotation;

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