• Visual camera

    Visual camera

    Integrated design: integrates blue, green, and infrared excitation light sources, display kits, and intelligent video recording terminals Easy to operate: display immediately after spraying, display in seconds Real-time comparison: Quickly enter inspection data and compare data results in real time  Occult blood discovery: equipped with infrared search light source and infrared CMOS, which can quickly search for potential bloodstains Rejection of blind extraction: AIE aggregation-induced luminescence technology to visualize and precisely locate DNA Non-destructive display: AIE molecules are stacked on the amino acid side chain (physical adsorption), without damaging the DNA of the sample  Green environmental protection: no pollution to the environment and no harm to the human body

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  • Multispectral Evidence Imaging Shooting System

    Multispectral Evidence Imaging Shooting System

    Product features: 24 million pixel high-definition shooting system, non-destructive extraction of fingerprints on site, integrated six groups of high-purity light sources, light, easy to operate, clear imaging, smooth, non-penetrating and mirror-like high-reflective surfaces and other objects

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