• Smart exploration

    Smart exploration

    The smart investigation system is mainly used in criminal technology on-site investigation. The new development module breaks through the traditional on-site investigation methods and business limitations, and positions the on-site investigation business in the global investigation. For traditional cases, it is highly compatible with all traditional "small case" on-site investigation and entry work. It is necessary to realize intelligent guidance through new technology means and equipment, lower the technical threshold of on-site investigation operation, enable multi-department and multi-level ordinary police to jointly participate in the investigation and collection of evidence for all types of cases, and promote the further deepening of the "one long and four must" working mechanism. "Led by application and supported by technology, build smart new criminal techniques with the core content of "quick survey, quick mining, quick recording, quick comparison, quick response, and quick arrest", and realize multi-method, multi-technology, and digital scene Exploration and intelligent electronic forensics and analysis. Based on the on-site inspection information system, it integrates all the resources of criminal technology, and builds a criminal technology super comparison engine with complete comparison methods, fast operation speed, accurate comparison accuracy, and comprehensive support for the "recording and comparison" of criminal technical information.

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  • Anti-fraud Information Aggregation Dissuasion Application Platform

    Anti-fraud Information Aggregation Dissuasion Application Platform

    The legal document delivery system mainly takes electronic communication methods such as mobile phone short messages and smart applications as the carrier, and uses digital technologies such as mobile Internet and artificial intelligence to create a multi-channel and multi-form online delivery model for legal documents to achieve document service. intelligent, standardized and efficient. The product breaks through data barriers, and through the realization of data interaction between internal and external networks, the case-handling system and the external network data transmission are opened; the household registration information of the public security organs, the real-name authentication information of the three major operators, and the e-commerce platform are related, and the information database of the recipients is established. Face recognition and other technologies have built a strong defense line for digital delivery; under such a system, case investigators can initiate delivery as long as they check the documents to be delivered and fill in the recipient's information. The case-handling personnel are gradually freed from the tedious mailing of documents, and the legal documents are delivered to the parties through the Internet. By clicking on the text message link or entering the designated WeChat applet, the party concerned can view the downloaded and served legal documents, and can electronically sign online, which not only improves efficiency, but also effectively saves resources.

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