• Portable Fluorescence Quantitation

    Portable Fluorescence Quantitation

     Brand-new, user-friendly operation and operation interface, smoother operation  Adopt fluorescence real-time detection method to realize simultaneous amplification and detection in the same tube without post-processing  Advanced thermoelectric refrigeration technology ensures ultra-high-speed thermal cycle System heating, rapid and stable cooling  Dual TE sheet temperature control to ensure higher temperature uniformity in 16 sample wells  Long-life LED excitation light source, no maintenance required  Real-time dynamic monitoring of the whole process of PCR amplification  Large linear range, up to 10 orders of magnitude of initial DNA copy number No need for gradient dilution  No need to open the PCR reaction tube , to avoid product contamination during and after PCR and ensure accurate results  Multi-color fluorescence detection, obtain more information in a single reaction Program setting, comprehensive analysis and reporting functions, all parameters can be stored  Multiple or single sample reports can be printed  Remote networked automatic, accurate and timely service provides the most advanced technical support for the 16-well quantitative detector  Using the fluorescence detection technology on the top of the test tube, the scanning is more convenient and fast  Support RS232, USB, Bluetooth interface

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  • Multifunctional food safety detector

    Multifunctional food safety detector

    The appearance of this product is beautiful and elegant, and the structure is durable. 2. This product has an identity authentication function. After setting, only the preset user can unlock and use it, with high security. Prevent unrelated personnel from arbitrarily operating. 3. The light source of the product adopts imported LED, which has the advantages of low energy consumption, long life and stable performance. Maintenance required. 4. 产品内置大容量内存,可在本机存储>10,000 test results. 5. Humanized interface design, simple and smooth operation interface. 6. The inspection information can be traced back, and the sampling, testing and destruction information can be viewed by date, and it is supported in this instrument. print and delete the detected data. 7. The instrument is equipped with a USB interface, which can be connected to external devices, and data can be exchanged between devices. 8. The instrument is equipped with a Bluetooth module, which can be connected to other devices through Bluetooth and USB. 9. The instrument is equipped with WIFI module and RJ45 Ethernet network port, which supports wireless and wired networking in various ways. 10. The instrument is equipped with a built-in code scanner, no external code scanning gun is required, and the curve information can be entered by scanning the QR code. information, query detection information. 11. The instrument has a built-in thermal printer, which can directly print the test report. 12. The instrument is equipped with a 7-inch LCD screen with clear display, supports multi-touch, and can be worn in the laboratory Glove operation. 13. The instrument is equipped with 4 wavelength filters, which basically cover the wavelength range of all detection items. if any Special requirements, support to expand to 8 kinds of filters. 14. There is an automatic calibration program set up when the instrument is powered on, and manual calibration is not required. 15. 8-channel simultaneous detection, high detection efficiency. 5 MZ-2800D Instruction Manual 16. The instrument adopts narrow-band filter and optical fiber spectroscopic technology, each channel uses the same light source, and there is no channel between channels. wavelength difference. 17. This product can be equipped with a built-in large-capacity battery, which can be used for 3 hours without external power supply.

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  • Sample pre-processing machine

    Sample pre-processing machine

    1) Heating holes: 7mL*12, which can dry 12 samples at the same time; 2) The instrument has a built-in air pump, no need for an external gas cylinder; 3) Heating range: room temperature -99℃; 4) Air blowing volume 40L/min; 5) One-button automatic lift;

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