• Personal high-speed centrifuge

    Personal high-speed centrifuge

    Unique features of MiniSpin plus >Maximum relative centrifugal force up to 14,100 × g (14,500 rpm) >Speed ​​rpm / relative centrifugal force rcf settings can be converted to each other >Centrifugation time up to 99 minutes for continuous centrifugation Product Features >One-of-a-kind, sophisticated styling >Ultra-quiet operation with low noise levels >Easy-to-operate digital display > 独特的气流导向,保持样品低温水平,保护温度敏感性样品 >Separate Short Spin momentary centrifugal button for easy operation >After centrifugation, the centrifuge cover automatically opens to prevent the sample from overheating, making it easy to take and place the sample >MiniSpin maximum relative centrifugal force up to 12,100 × g (13,400 rpm) >Maximum capacity: 12 × 1.5 mL / 2.0 mL centrifuge tubes >Aluminium rotor, no life limit, autoclavable >Rotor and rotor cover are chemically resistant

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  • Dry Thermostat

    Dry Thermostat

    • Temperature control range: room temperature + 5°C~100°C; • Display accuracy: 0TC; • Sample stage: 29x0.5ml + 32x1.5ml; •Temperature uniformity: <±0.5°C; • Time setting: 0~99 h 59min. • Heating time: < 25 minutes (from 2(TC to 10(TC) • Maximum temperature: 105. •Temperature control accuracy: <±0.5°C; • Maximum power: 150W;

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  • pipette


    Hand-held operation is comfortable; • High accuracy of capacity measurement; • High temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance; •Easy capacity measurement setup

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  • Biological inversion shaker

    Biological inversion shaker

    • Scope of application: 0.2-200ml test tubes of various specifications; •Rotation speed: 5-80rpm continuously adjustable; •Options: a variety of test tube rack fixtures, convenient for automatic blood cell analyzers, bacterial culture instruments, etc.; • Use time: 0-60 minutes continuously adjustable.

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  • constant temperature mixer

    constant temperature mixer

    •Temperature control range: room temperature*>100oc; .Temperature uniformity: <±9.5X; •Temperature stability: ±0.2T; .Heating rate: <12min (from 20°C to 100°C); .Oscillation speed range: 1Q.0—1200rpm/min (step 1rpm); Oscillation amplitude and mode: 2mm (horizontal rotation); , Timing range: 0~ggh59mih; *Optional modules: A module: 96xQ.2ml B module: Module C: 35x1.5mi Module D: 35*20ml • LCD liquid crystal display: can display the setting and actual temperature, time and vibration speed parameters at the same time; , With temperature calibration, jog. Over-temperature protection function, sound alarm signal will be issued when the program is finished; • Maximum power: 150W; • Toilet size: 30x21.2x18 (cm).

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  • Microcentrifuge Mini6ks

    Microcentrifuge Mini6ks

    • Speed: 6000 rpm; • Relative centrifugal force: 2000g; • Sample processing volume: 6x1.5ml/0.5ml/0.2ml (centrifuge tube) and 2x8x0.2ml (0.2ml PCR centrifuge tube); The cover switch has a convex design with a start/stop function, Easy to operate with one hand; •weight:<0.9kg ; • Maximum noise: 45dB; • External size: 168x138x120 (mm) o

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  • Electric suction aid

    Electric suction aid

    Experience the high precision, safety and comfort of pipetting with the new Eppendorf Easypet® 3 electric pipetting aid. The Easypet® 3 Electric Aspirator controls the speed of aspiration and dispensing with the pressure of your fingers. It is lightweight, well-balanced, fits perfectly in the hand, and does not get tired even after long hours of operation.

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  • Eppendorf Pipet Helper®

    Eppendorf Pipet Helper®

    The robust and intuitive operation of the Eppendorf Pipet Helper is easy for even a novice to master and precisely adjusts the meniscus level in the pipette. The optimized control valve design allows the liquid to drip without applying pressure. The suction speed is fast, and the suction and discharge controls are ergonomically designed to prevent liquid splashing. Unique nozzle design for pipettes of various volumes (glass or plastic).

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  • electric pipette

    electric pipette

    > Intuitive operation: the option panel and multi-function joystick make the functions clear at a glance >Excellent ergonomics: Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept® >High repeatability: elastic nozzle function and parameter adjustment function

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  • 96-well PCR plate centrifuge

    96-well PCR plate centrifuge

    Centrifuge for PCR experiment microplate •Suitable for with skirts, without skirts and various PCR microplates; Two centrifugation modes, jog and automatic, are configured to make experiments more convenient and efficient; Full cover 95. Open, easy to operate, reduce misoperation; Humanized left and right dual jack orientation design, in line with human operation habits • It can quickly leave the droplets on the lower wall. It can be used before and after PCR experiments, which can significantly improve the experimental effect.

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  • gene amplification instrument

    gene amplification instrument

    • Sample stage: 48*0;&ml; ••Temperature range: 0 °C - 100 °C; •• Ramp rate: 24. °C/S ; ••Cooling rate:>3,5 °C/S; •• Temperature uniformity: , soil. Avoid °C; ••Temperature accuracy: <±0.2 °C; ••Hot lid temperature: 20-T10 "C adjustable, pressure can be adjusted with pressure prompt; , Program memory: 200; .• maximum number of cycles: 99; ••Graphical interface: 5.7-inch large-screen Chinese LCD, displaying the relevant parameters and charts of the amplification process; .•communication interface: RS 232; ••With time increment/decrement function, it is suitable for the amplification of long-chain genes (above 450nm); ••With temperature increasing/decreasing function, it is suitable for scientific research needs.

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  • gradient gene amplification instrument PCR thermocycle instrument

    gradient gene amplification instrument PCR thermocycle instrument

    Main technical performance Sample stage: standard module 96x0.2ml+77x0.5ml, optional 384well module, • Graphical interface: 5.7-inch large-screen LCD, displaying parameters and graphs related to the amplification process; • Communication interface: USB 2.0 and RS232; • With time increment/decrement function, suitable for the amplification of long-chain genes (above 450nm); •With temperature increase/decrease function, suitable for scientific research needs. *Another 9600 general gene amplification instrument

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