• laser evidence

    laser evidence

    Main product introduction: Light source: red light, green light, brain light, purple light Spot: Homogeneous Spot: Optical conversion: multi-wavelength set name cut light without delay, switch at any time Light display: It can display the power and power percentage in real time: Fiber: Wave core fiber, plug-in Anon: Carrying method: hand-held, portable, building road, shoulder pick-up, desktop, trolley case; working method: AC and DC dual-use, the working time of the battery is about 120 minutes: Cooling method: The multi-channel Tanglv Street ring air system is adopted to ensure ventilation and negative field when it is flat or held.

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  • Field footprint collection equipment

    Field footprint collection equipment

    1. On-site footprint extraction: improve the contrast of footprint images, photograph footprints on object surfaces, and remove complex pattern backgrounds 2. Optical display: no contact traces, no damage to the scene; 3. Built-in light source: the light source and shooting are integrated, no other lighting equipment is required, and the lighting is uniform and the exposure is accurate; 4. Area array shooting: The equipment adopts area array imaging equipment, which can quickly preview and capture; 5. No distortion: The installation of the shooting equipment is stable and accurate, avoiding the tilt distortion caused by the lens not facing the footprint surface vertically during manual shooting; 6. Electronic scale: fixed distance shooting, electronic scale to ensure the original size.

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  • Portable biological material discovery instrument

    Portable biological material discovery instrument

    A variety of working methods: battery, alternating current, convenient for flexible use on various sites

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  • Mobile phone forensics

    Mobile phone forensics

    One-click data acquisition of five Android brand mobile phones Provide exclusive backup function for Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, VIVO, OPPO series mobile phones (it has been upgraded to support Samsung Android 9.0, VIVO, OPPO mobile phones are compatible with Android 10.0 system); After the target mobile phone is connected to the forensic computer, one-click access to all application data in the mobile phone The acquisition content is comprehensive, and supports the acquisition of target mobile phone built-in application data, third-party application data acquisition and partial application data acquisition; Supports data recovery of deleted text messages, contacts, call records, camera pictures, WeChat, etc.; Intelligent removal of evidence traces, supports automatic removal of backup traces and restores the mobile phone environment, and supports automatic APK uninstallation.

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  • Integrated forensics

    Integrated forensics

    • Equipped with various industry-leading read-only locks and data write-protection controllers, providing a wealth of read-only ports, including (optional): /SAS3.0/PCI-E/M.2/SATA3.0/USB3.1 /USB3.0/IDE/All-in-one flash memory card (CF, SD, TF, XD, MS, etc.), etc. •Supports up to 4 SAS3.0/SATA 3.0 screwless write-protected hard drive bays and 4 SAS3.0/SATA 3.0 screwless erasable hard drive bays at the same time, which can realize 4-to-4 3.5/2.5-inch disk copying and mirroring Operation. • The end-to-end data transfer speed of a single task exceeds 40GB/MIN (SAS3.0 SSD), and supports parallel multi-threading and multi-tasking. •Integrate 8 USB3.0 ports with high stable current, which can meet the business requirements of multi-channel mobile phone parallel forensics, and optional signal suppression module. •Multi-screen display, equipped with auto zoom high-definition high-definition camera and shooting stage. • The operations and display areas of pre-operations such as media pre-check, collection, and verification are separated from the operation and display areas of deep operations such as data recovery and analysis, and do not interfere with each other.

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